BHIMSEN. 1. BHIMSEN by Prem Panicker Adapted from “Randaamoozham” by M T Vasudevan Nair. Kahani hamari Mahabharat ki. As a child growing up in the . (b) Panicker’s version is a creative translation so even if someone did take him to I miss those weekly updates of Bhimsen on Prem’s blog. Title: Bhimsen Author: Prem Panicker Year of Publication: Series: N/A Goodreads Rating (Avg.): Goodreads Rating (Mine): 3.

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I stayed there for eight days, and all I did the first two days was drink that slushy soup and sleep. Bhim is the strong one. You are brothers, all of you; you are meant to learn and to play and to grow up together – but they won’t tell you that, those courtiers and singers we surround ourselves with.

When Bhima tweeted his epic story

I felt the rope prdm, just a little. The woman squatted at my feet, picking up my feet one at a time, closely examining them. He swung, I parried; he swung again and in mid-swing, tossed his mace across his body, caught it with his left hand, reversing the direction of the bhimeen.

It was, they said, something that had to be experienced at least once in a lifetime – a glittering affair full of all kinds of brilliant amusements.

You will enjoy this book. As I walked through the doors and stood in the middle of the main quadrangle I felt my nerves tighten, the hair on the back of my neck prickle with a premonition of some hidden danger. It is Kunti who refrains from claiming that son — Karna — when he needs it the most, which means the eldest Pandava ends up fighting on the other side of the war.


We went out, and found on our doorstep a tribal woman and her five grown sons, who had heard about the morning’s bali and were hopeful of alms. The door opened and, as he stepped out into the dark, I brought my fist down on top of his head, stunning him. I got up and walked out of my room, and along the corridor. Bhima’s character is also pretty good.

We all sat around the fire, and for the first time, she sang stories of our family, our clan. They called him an asura and invested him with all kinds of magical powers When I first got acquainted with ‘Yajnaseni’, I got hooked to reading different versions available, and surprisingly, Mahabharata is such a great story, it does not feel boring to read the same story again and again albeit by a different character.

Next in the line of succession to his elder brother Yudhisthira and usually in the shadow of his younger brother Arjuna when it comes to charisma and skill in warfareBhima comes across as a gluttonous, slightly oafish he-man figure — or a comic foil — in many mainstream renderings of the great epic.

Full text of “Bhimasena By Prem Panicker”

Yudhishtira walked beside grandfather Bhisma and great uncle Vidura. It was panicked when I got closer that I realized my mistake: Come on, they are all waiting for you.

The pointed crown of the mace flashed in front of my stomach; he reversed direction again and swung from the other side. Drona then walked to the center of the ground, with Ashwathama a pace behind him. I pretended to be unconcerned.


The realism, and the description of the war scenes are outstanding. A Jhunjhunwala rated it really liked it Apr 24, I have also asked my Dad who has read the original to read Bhimsen.

For the kind of project I was working on, which I knew was going to be fragmented, I needed a strong protagonist. pfem

Kunti, another master manipulator, is also shown to be ruthless in her efforts to gain the throne — the ultimate prize. India aka Bharat is a land where you can express your thoughts freely and can question almost anything if you bhimwen backed with the logic.

There was a deep bend in the river at one point, where it almost doubled up on itself forming a vast pren body. Mahabharat always fascinated me with its intriguing and multi-shaded characters and twisted plots.

It allows you to surprise the reader with something unexpected through the expected. Only mother and Yudhishtira stood there, unmoved, as if they knew what cheriyamma was going to do. The other thing to understand about Bhimsen is that there is no room in it for the supernatural or the divine; everything is explained in strictly bnimsen terms.

I began to join in the nightly hunts. You have been warned; episode one follows. Instead of making it a story of a divine mission, it is a story of a family fighting for survival. I fell into the river, became unconscious, and when I regained my senses I found myself on the other bhimwen.