Konzernweit sorgen MitarbeiterInnen bei Bahn und Bus (zusätzlich rund Lehrlinge) dafür, dass täglich rund 1,3 Millionen Reisende sicher an ihr. Zur zügigen Klärung Ihrer Teilnehmerbeschwerde zum Anbieterwechsel ist es für die. Bundesnetzagentur und die betroffenen Unternehmen sehr hilfreich, wenn. Fahrgastrechte von Bahnreisenden nach Verordnung (EG) Nr. / 1. Beim Kauf eines Bahntickets Online-Beschwerdeformular für den Busverkehr.

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Promptly after delivery, passengers are required to collect their baggage at the destination or at the stopover airport.

With the exception of injury to life, the body or health, Germania is only liable for damage if it has caused this deliberately or through gross negligence. Bahhn infant up to two years of age, a stroller or buggy or child seat or travel bed may be carried without additional cost. If required and reasonable, Germania can remove the passenger from the aircraft; refuse carriage on connecting flights at any location or on all routes.

The liability regarding the carriage of persons as well as freight and baggage within and outside of the European Community is subject to the liability limitations of the air traffic law, deursche the regulation EC No.

General Terms and Conditions (GTC) of Germania Fluggesellschaft mbH (“Germania”)

For damages up to the sum ofSDR rounded sum in national currency: The use of mobile telephones is prohibited for the duration of the flight. For health reasons, Germania recommends consultation with a physician prior to departure.

The pilot in command has full authority to make decisions regarding passenger occupancy as well as regarding loading, distributing, securing and unloading baggage to be transported on the aircraft. We also reserve the right to enforce further charges for damages caused by delays. For security and space reasons, animals only will be transported if registered in advance by e-mail servicecenter germania. Sports baggage needs to be packed up and checked- in separately from other checked- in baggage.

Upon booking the real first and last names of the passenger must be stated and verified with official photo identification passport, personal identification card, child passport etc. Package materials for special baggage must sufficient and suitable for air transportation and to protect it against external and internal damage. For safety reasons, medical aids and devices as well as medicine for personal use must be registered by e-mail servicecenter germania. Please note that for security reasons child restraint systems are only allowed on certain seats.


In compliance with the instructions of the cabin crew, the accompanying adult must use the seat directly next to the CRS and is responsible for correctly attaching the CRS to the seat as well as for securing the infant with the CRS.

At the time of the ticket inspection in the train the rail and fly ticket needs to be shown together with the Germania flight booking confirmation — both printed out as papers — and the identification verification. For infants under two years of age, the free baggage allowance is one piece weighing no more than 10 kg. Germania may, at its own discretion, accept weapons as checked baggage.

If a passenger is killed or injured, the airline company shall pay an advance payment within 15 days from declaration of the person entitled to damages in order to cover the immediate financial needs.


Steinbeis-Realschule Ilsfeld: Startseite

Other rights of the passenger remain unaffected. There is no maximum amount for the liability in the event of death or personal injury of passengers. The total amount to babn paid as compensation by Germania and the persons named may not exceed the maximum limits of liability which apply for Germania.

The payment method rush transaction is only possible for bookings made via our website and only for bank accounts in the following countries: They may carry their arms when boarding the aircraft but must hand them over to the pilot in command during the flight.

Bookings can only be changed within max. If a passenger carries prohibited items in beschwerdegormular baggage, damage to baggage resulting from mandatory security checks is excluded from liability regulations due to the passenger’s culpability. A no-fault liability exists for checked baggage provided that the baggage was not faulty prior to this.

Ich habe mich noch nicht schriftlich besvhwerdeformular. In case these documents cannot be presented to the Deutsche Bahn personnel, the rail and fly ticket losses its validity and you need bahm purchase a regular fare train ticket.


Please be aware of the remarks on our homepage www. Therefore deutscye for reasons of compliance with dangerous goods regulations transport of wet-call batteries is prohibited, while dry-cell and gel batteries are permittedpassengers are entitled to demand transportation of wheelchairs or mobility aids only when registered no later than 48 hours before take-off by e-mail servicecenter germania.

Germania is not liable for any indirect or consequential damages. Passengers who report lost or damaged baggage after having beschwerdeformulag the airport premises must furnish proof that such loss or damage did not occur between the baggage handover after the flight and the time the report was made.

Please note that a delay or cancellation of public transport can always occur. In the event a flight is reasonably expected to be delayed for a long time, passengers are entitled to receive assistance from the airline including meals and refreshments in a reasonable relation to the waiting time, hotel accommodation in specific cases and two short telephone calls, fax messages deutsvhe e-mails.

For international flights, other travel documents may be required for entering or leaving the country becshwerdeformular destination including visa, inoculation certificates, etc.

Fahrgastrechte im Kraftomnibus- und Eisenbahnverkehr

The general booking and baun terms and conditions of the responsible flight tour operator also will apply. In addition, passengers will be offered alternative carriage to the final destination of their booked flight.

In the event of conflicts between these General Conditions of Carriage and any general terms and conditions, these General Conditions of Carriage shall prevail to the extent that they concern flight operations. On routes where the Premium Economy rate is bookable the free baggage allowance for checked baggage is 35 kg and for carry- on items is 8 kg for adults and children aged two years or older.