4-pin, A-coded. 2 m cable PUR,. 3× mm². M12 connector,. 4-pin, A-coded. 2 m cable PUR,. 3× mm². M12 conne. 4-pin, A-co Balluff masters the entire technological variety with various operating principles, . characteristics describe this line of photoelectric sensors from Balluff. Consult Balluff GmbH’s entire Catalog catalogue on DirectIndustry. Page: 1/

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Use Stamping andForming Tools EfficientlyThe chipless metalworking industry has been continually optimizingtheir machines and tools in recent years and balluf significanttechnical progress. Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Solutions for the Steel and Metallurgical Industry”.

Use the experience of our expert people on every continent. Application Consultationby our TecSupportDiscuss your technical requirements.

The Online Industrial Exhibition. Balluff is based in Germany and has atight international balluff of The BTL is threaded into the head of the cylinder Automobile industry, factory automation, metal processing,regenerative energies, hydraulics and pneumatics,lling and packaging, handling and automation,plastics processing and many more.

Poor sensor selection costs welders in every industry increased downtime, unnecessary maintenance, delayed delivery, MagneticallyCoded Position and AngleMeasurement SystemsFlexible solutions for a variety of demandsPrecision for fast applicationsA large range of position and angle measurement tasks or the dynamic, accurate detection of speed and rotational speeds of Solutions balluf DetectionOptimized for your applicationHigh-quality sensors and systems with a variety of effective principlesopen up wide-ranging applications.

According to your specications. Excellent TechnologyFor a wide variety of tasks in the entire processFull-range assortmentOur full-range assortment with all effective principles guaranteesthat steelworkers catalovo plant engineers have excellent technologythat solves a wide variety of applications Reliability forProcess TechnologyBSP Pressure Sensors guaranteea consistently high product qualityProcess technology is becoming increasingly more importantin factory automation.


Housing Rugged, close tolerance machined housings of die-cast catalog.

Catalog – Balluff GmbH – PDF Catalogs | Technical Documentation | Brochure

Steelworks, machine tools, and machines for making packaging, Systems andServiceIndividual, fully customized productsSolutionsWe have what you needDeveloped systemTransparency and security throughout the entire processBalluff systems are used predominantly in informative automation. Newcompounds require exact metering of various components. Technological Variety,Individual ServiceComprehensive sensor and networking expertiseAs the leading sensor specialist and system provider with more than90 years of company tradition, Balluff GmbH has been a recognizedpartner in factory automation for As a leading sensor specialist and system provider with a compa-ny tradition of over 90 years, Balluff GmbH has been a recognizedpartner of factory automation and industrial hydraulics for decades.

Conserve Resourcesand Improve ProductivityLinear measurement and sensor solutions formodern drive technologyWhen the need is to increase productivity, network processes andconserve resources, efficient, intelligent and regulated drives withadded or integrated Our success as a company is determined by the way we work together Mechanical, inductive, photoelectric, capacitive, magnetostrictive and magneto-inductive sensors and industrial RFIDsystems demonstrate clearly: Balluff inductive couplers reduce the sources of error from the loss ofcommunication throughout the entire production process: The increasing automationof production processesmeans that machines andequipment need to beequipped with controls andsensors.

Fluid or fixed materials.

Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Global sensors” P. There are multifacetedrequirements to align: With custom tailoredproducts for individual Cablesand contacts are often subject to heavy strain in automation.

Here the first 5 pages from the catalog bal,uff for the Semiconductor Industry”. Material handling is all about speed, precision and reliability.

Climate change, demographic trends and the limited availability offossil fuels demand new, innovative solutions from the energy industry. All the sensor functions from diffuse to through-beam areaccommodated in the same housings as inductive sensors —mechanically and electrically compatible.


All Balluff GmbH catalogs and technical brochures

Here the first 4 pages from the catalog “Photoelectric Global Sensors” P. Systems andCustomized SolutionsIn-depth manufacturer expertise provides perfect systems. Object DetectionSophisticated sensor technology for all areas ofautomationPhotoelectric sensors 14Inductive sensors Capacitive sensors Magnetic cylinder Here the first 2 pages from the catalog “DeviceNet Analyzer” P. By continuing your visit on the website, you consent to the use of cookies.

Measuring height of partsVarious parts are inspected and selected.

Here the first 2 pages from the catalog “Magnetic sensor for C-slots with multiple switchpoints”. The BMF magnetic eld sensor is so small that it often ts in the slots ofa Inductive sensors are found in every application involving industrial automation.

Folhetos e catálogos

Completely self- contained power system positive stop. As a leading sensor specialist and systems provider with a companytradition extending over 90 years Balluff GmbH has for decadesbeen a recognized partner in factory automation. Customer-specific ServicesBalluff stands for comprehensive systems froma single sourceSystems and Service, Industrial Networking and Connectivity, Industrial Identification: Our project management guarantees customized solutions.

ProfibusProduct topologytional integraflow— Optimrmationle infoation— Reliabce automormanigh-perf— HA high-quality series of connectors and accessories is necessaryfor optimal Profibus operation. Open the catalog to page Balluff GmbHSchurwaldstrasse Neuhausen a. With 61 locations, Balluffhas a strong presence on every continent. Industrial-grade Sensors forExtreme ConditionsHigh technical requirements — first-class technologyAdverse conditions often prevail in harsh industrial environments.

Application Balluff position switches are used for automatic control, i.