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I won’t go into the debate on what 1 Malaysia means exactly.

On the other hand, transportation is a major problem for most of us. Teachers don’t really care if the material au,u obviously plagiarised — auu them the coursework system is often a burdensome imposition on them because they have to read through dozens, if not hundreds of reports. A lot of times, the question of who gets what opportunities is pretty much up to the roll of the dice, because so many people are not in a position to know what opportunities are out there.

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Thoughts on the university admissions process. John’s Institution in KL. Jadi saya rasa memanglah itu satu kebenaran dari pihak universiti. Saya percaya kalau pun ada nama dan saya juga mengalu-alukan kalau nama itu dapat diberi, kita boleh menyiasat dengan lebih teliti mengenai kedudukan pensyarah yang sebegini.

Semasa kita membahaskan pindaan kepada AUKU pada tahun lepas, pihak kementerian telah memberikan jaminan bahawa pemimpin-pemimpin politik pindaaan daripada pembangkang akan dibenarkan untuk masuk ke dalam kampus untuk memberikan ucapan dan sebagainya kalau dipelawa oleh pelajar. By then we would be too tired to study. The ministry fails to see pindzan light that whatever there doing is in fact making our lives even more miserable, stressful and very depressing.

This perception has been around since independence — Tunku and Tun Dr Ismail both talked a lot about how the Malays would need help to compete against the Chinese academically and professionally.

Maybe Petaling Jaya is an outlier, but amongst the primary schools, Chinese schools generally do better when going head to head with national schools. Kenapa hanya kerana saya hadir dalam kampus Universiti Malaya, selepas itu persatuan itu menghadapi masalah, pelajar-pelajar semua dipanggil untuk ke disciplinary board? But please be rational and reasonable. Their philosophy is to provide education to those who need it, not only to those who can pay for it.


BANGSA MALAYSIA: Repeal the Universities and University Colleges Act (UUCA/AUKU) Immediately!

Thursday, October 08, UM rises in the Times rankings. The system will continue to be part of our lives for next years.

Living in Malaysia, you can’t help but be exposed to all sorts of stereotypes everyday. The pindaab system brings nothing but stress and red tape. Terima kasih Yang Berhormat Menteri.

UMS Registrar Department – University and University College Act

Which part of ‘international’ does Malaysia not fall under? The fact that he has a PhD from a prestigious foreign university is almost a fluke. Furthermore, not to forget the amount of assignments given by our teachers and we have to complete everything on time.

So our politicians got this bright idea to pindasn teaching them science and maths in English. Kementerian akan sentiasa memantau secara dekat setiap kes yang berlaku di IPT. People from rural areas and from poor backgrounds simply do not have the educational resources or practical experience to make the right decisions, and this is a major reason why so many Malaysians do not get as good an education as they could have.

Before I go any further, I would like to apologise if this piece comes across as emotionally driven. Alwin Lim at I completed my undergraduate Science degree in USM Penang and opted for an internationally recognised teaching qualification for security purposes.

I don’t see why Malaysians who choose to pursue these career paths should be denied an SPM certificate just because they fail to pass their English exam at the SPM level. Therefore, students are left with no other alternatives but to patronise nearby mamak stalls for their lunch. Isu yang timbul mengenai 209 kelapan-lapan pelajar ini ialah, walaupun program yang dianjurkan itu diluluskan oleh universiti, tetapi permohonan oleh persatuan pelajar ini tidak menyebut siapa yang mereka hendak jemput dan itu sebenarnya yang menjadi isu kepada kes ini.

Yang Berhormat Menteri, penjelasan. Saya ingin tahu, kita memang perlu meningkatkan jumlah pemegang PhD dalam universiti kita, tetapi saya mendapati bahawa memang ada juga yang pemegang PhD itu tidak mempunyai PhD dari universiti yang dikatakan sebagai recognized iaitu ada pemegang PhD di dalam universiti kita dan saya ada nama di mana mereka mendapat PhD mereka melalui correspondence course.

Jadi saya agak yang penjelasan itu seperti tidak berapa elok. So, apakah langkah yang diambil oleh kementerian supaya pemegang PhD seperti ini tidak dilantik dalam universiti kita. For a mere less than 10 years project on pinfaan medium being scrap of, it’s not a pronounced fair campaign We cant compare our so called ‘looking at other nation’, whereby the japanese still maintains their language, and the french themselves.


I’m not asking this question rhetorically. pimdaan

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At the Parliament lobby, Nazri said: So we had a whole generation of students undergoing this massive change, all for naught. Many parents decided to send their children to Form Six as it is the cheapest route to universities.

Sunday, July 05, Richard Feynman on Learning. I agree on this too. When I was in school, nobody took coursework seriously.

Pada masa yang sama sehari ataupun dua hari sebelum daripada itu, ada daripada UMNO masuk, daripada parti pemerintah masuk dan tidak ada apa-apa tindakan. Some of us are not living nearby and thus, walking back home will be out of the question and too dangerous for us students considering the disturbingly high number of snatch theft cases across the country.

But I think having this policy change distracts from the more uaku and pressing objective of improving the standard of English in Malaysia. Keduanya seperti kata Yang Berhormat ada tenaga akademik yang mungkin mempunyai PhD yang sedemikian tetapi kehadiran mereka dalam IPT atau pun universiti mereka masing-masing mungkin berasaskan Ijazah yang lain sama ada masters dan sebagainya.

Most of the top jobs in the civil service require at least a decent level of spoken English. Many are critical of Anucia’s failure to research the government’s requirements for a teaching post. He was a Hubert Humphrey fellow for a year here in the US and is a lawyer by vocation. By right, if the Education Ministry wants to carry this out, they should at pindaa think about giving lunch allowances to us. Adakah perlu persatuan pelajar setiap permohonan itu ataupun pelawaan itu harus mendapatkan kelulusan daripada pihak universiti?

After a lot of investigation, I finally figured out that the students had memorized everything, but they didn’t know what anything meant.