One of the most important festivals of Telugu people is atla taddi. It comes after Also there is an interesting story in the olden days. Atla Taddi is the festival which falls after Dasara every year. It is one of the most This festival is a Telugu equivalent of Karva Chauth, a prominent festival of North India. Atla Taddi as the Read the story of Atlataddi vratam.

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Pages Atlataddi telugu story Karvachauth Karvachauth Story. Thursday, November 8, Atla Taddi is the festival which falls after Dasara every year. Atla Taddi as the name suggests is base on Atlu which means Dosas. Taddi is nothing but the short form of Tadiya or third day.

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It is celebrated on the third day after Ashwayuja Purnima, the Full Moon day in Ashwayuja masam of Telugu calendar, and falls in October as per Gregorian calendar.

The festival date in is on October 1st. Unmarried women perform Gauri Puja and celebrate the festival with utmost fervor to be blessed with a good and caring husband and great married life and married women for their marital bliss and wellness of their husbands.

Atla Taddi Bhogi is first day of Atla Taddi festival. Gorintaku Mehndi designs are drawn on their hands during the day. This is the main ritual on Atla Taddi Bhogi. Throughout the day several games are played in villages and specially in the morning after eating those dosas women are supposed to sit in a jhoola and swing for sometime atleast. We call it ooyala in telugu.

After Atlataddi Bhogi day, Atla Taddi festival is celebrated. Goddess Gauri is worshipped on the day of Atla Taddi.

Atla Taddi 2018

Women wake up early in the morning and perform spiritual bath or ceremonial bath. They observe fasting till the evening.


In the evening, women perform pooja, and after looking at the moon, they break the fast by having tiny atlu miniature dosas. After sunset they do gauri pooja. Stories of Atlataddi’s significance are told. Dosas are given as vayanaaluu to married woman who also do fasting. To all these 11 ladies you give each 11 atlu with deepam made of rice flour and ghee and lit in front of goddess Gowri you offer each lady the vayanam by holding with your sarees pallu Procedure of the Vratam: Prepare kalisam on rice, coins inside kalasam water, kumkum, turmeric, coin, and flower with 5 mango leafs or just water.

Shodasopachara Pooja where in Ashtothra satanamavali or Sahasranamam can be recited. Tie Toranam for hand with 11 nots for atla tadde n 5 nots toranam for Undralla tadde.

Kudumulu 5 for gauri devi for yourself and other muttayuduvu 5 each and on 4 kudumulu you place one on top of the 4 and make tadd as deepam atlx eat the same after your pooja when the deepam is still lighting. Take dinner along with them. Repeat this for Ten years.

Story of Atla Taddi: She fell unconscious after few hours, as she was not used to fasting.

Ancient India: Atla Taddi

Her brothers asked their mother the reason of unconsciousness of the princess. Her mother replied that she was observing a fast and as she was not used to it fell unconscious. As per the process the princess had to eat only after seeing the Moon. The brothers tied a mirror to a stick and held it high.

They prepared a fire and arranged as if the reflection in mirror made the mirror look like Moon. The brothers woke their sister and showed her the fake Moon and made her break the fast. The princess grew up and attained the age of marriage. Her brothers searched for a suitable match, but they were only getting profiles of old persons. They searched for a long time and finally as they had no choice and finalized a match of one of the old persons. Knowing that her brothers have fixed a marriage with an old person, the princess was shocked.


She thought that she had performed the Atla Taddi Nomu and as a result of performing the Vrat she should get married to an young person only. She refused to marry the old man. The brothers insisted that she had to marry the old man. Seeing the situation, the princess left for the forest without informing anyone. She started penance under a banyan tree. Once Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati saw the princess performing the penance. They approached her and asked the reason for performing the penance.

The princess replied that she explained them the whole story. They understood and explained her that even though she observed the Atla Taddi Nomu, she had not performed the fasting properly and told her how her brothers cheated her by showing a fake Moon. They further told that it was because of the improper fasting that she was getting matches from older men only.

They advised katba to return to the palace and perform the Atla Taddi Nomu properly, by fasting until the Moon was visible. The princess returned to the palace and narrated the whole story to her parents and performed the Atla Taddi Nomu as per the ritual. This time she took care not to overlook any of the process and performed the Atla Taddi Nomu to perfection.

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