Animorphs The Separation [K. A. Applegate] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Perma-Bound Hardcover. Scholastic Inc. The other Animorphs dub them “mean Rachel” and “nice Rachel”, respectively. Mean Rachel Book Thirty-Two, The Separation. Ifi: Rachel. The Separation | Download & Read The Animorphs E-Books.

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Ahhhh, the starfish book. What was it for the high amount of 90s media having an episode where a character is split, with – somehow, different attributes going into each twin? And Tobias, of course. Mean Rachel is megalomaniacal and absurd; Nice Rachel is weepy and absurd; neither of them are particularly likeable as narrators, so the whole book is a bit of a strain.

The Separation (Animorphs, #32) by K.A. Applegate

Most of them have aliens, but some are freaky enough without them “–All You Zombies–” by Robert A Heinlein is one of those. Elfangor’s Secret Animorphs Megamorphs qnimorphs.

The other characters got a bit lost in separatiln shuffle, too; Erek ended up feeling like a tacked-on concept when Applegate figured out she needed him at the end.

Will he actually remember that next time? To add in on all of this the Animorphs have a major mission coming up: Was he even in this book?? And she actually calls Tobias “Love” Hehehehe yay! Lists with This Book. I hate almost everything about this book.


Cinnamon Bunzuh! – An Animorphs Review Blog: Book The Separation

It turns out that Mean! Applegate series Animorphs It also ends with the best ever quote: Like time travel and stuff. The Solution Animorphs But no, still too egotistical for all that, wanting to bring in more valuable hosts. The Animorphs are trying to locate and dismantle an anti-morphing ray that the Yeerks have built, but both Rachels keep bungling their plans. This book was ridiculous Retrieved from ” https: Trish May 6, at 1: Did Jake have a Mean Jake inside him?

My problem with this is its simplicity. Both Rachels thr horrified by the other, but through their pieced together story, the group realizes animodphs happens.

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Jul 05, Jen rated it animorpjs was ok. There’s the typical infodump found in the first chapter of every children’s chapter book series, but there’s really no helping those of us that decided to jump into the series in the middle on a lark. Given all the times I’ve heard about that scene, I too am very sad it ended up happening offscreen. But sure, Visser Three, whatever you say. Rather it is Rachel 1 vs.

I love the fact that half of her loves Tobias and the other half Marco. One of the disappointments of this novel is simply that separwtion Yeerk plot turns into a bit of a red herring. This article does not cite any sources. Shan May 8, at 1: Because if it’s up to the “twins,” Rachel the weak will surrender to Visser Three.


I was there, too.

I honestly thought that this was ghost written. This was just a book I wish had been written better and more plausibly. It works and the newly reformed but shaken Rachel looks to Tobias to move forward with the knowledge that she is made up of two extremes.

Aug 29, Swankivy rated it it was amazing.

Separtion that’s the best way to get rid of them! Thanks to the starfish’s ability to regenerate, now there are two Rachels: The Andalites may not all be saints, but one of them, a warrior named Elfangor, gave us the Andalite technology that allows us to morph. I Originally gave this one 5 stars, for some reason, but with the passing of a bit of time, it has stayed on my animodphs -and not in a very good way.

The Separation

One is a reckless psychopath with no competency for long-term thinking: Rachel the super bold will try to single-handedly take him down.

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