Corrado Malanga. June, Preface We strongly suggest you to read, before this work, “Alieni o demoni” (Aliens or Demons, still not available in English. My name is Corrado Malanga, I am 63 years old and I work in organic chemistry. studies, in which I sought to resolve this problem, with ‘Alieni o Demoni’. Mr. Corrado Malanga received the diploma of surveyor in , and graduated Later on in the book “Alieni o Demoni” (Aliens or Demons), Corrado Malanga.

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Corrado Malanga -Alieni O Demoni – [ Alien Cicatrix]

Then the cofrado added: Although Aramaic and Sanskrit look like completely different languages when written down, they are almost identical when spoken www. The myths about creation are actually all the same. The entrance to the temple was marked by two small columns.

While working with hundreds of cases, we have been realizing that the people who were freed from the Aliens abductions, and who were solving this issue through applying our techniques, both through hypnotic sessions and through mental simulations, could be divided into two definite and separate groups, characterized by two xemoni behaviors which were very different.

The stupid Alien takes care of the dirty work for PM. But truth will out. Because the original archetypes are 22, the Tarot that God Thoth gave to human kind are 22, the Tarot also correspond to the interpretation of a hypothetical lost book of Thoth, that is the Egyptian representation of Lurianic Kabbalah. It is a language but it is also a series of numbers and formulae.

Hebrew has an interesting characteristic. As the Bible also states, these pre-Flood patriarchs lived longer than xemoni do, and this was confirmed by the ancient historians Berossus, Nicholas of Damascus, Hesiod, Plato, Hecataeus, Mochus, Hieronymus, and Manetho.

He himself told us that he has only one container which exist in the past, in the present, and in the future. The first Creator and its descent We wanted to abbreviate the name for the first Creator with Cl and we placed it on the right of the observer. She says that Hebrew is the language of the forefathers.

This is an aspect in our Creation which produces a peculiar effect. At the time of the Babylonian and Persian empires, Aramaic became the lingua franca of the entire Near East.


Full text of “Corrado Malanga – Complete multilingual bibliography”

According to that, some interactions seem to not exist, whereas some others seem to be real. This term is found in the Bible Old TestamentPsalm In the case of Merkaba a few things remain of that tradition, which has fallen into the hands of naive characters “new age” which invent everything and the opposite of everything just to make money through selling a philosophy of life that originally had little to do with the idea of being “sold”. In that occasion I pointed out to him, almost for fun and just to provoke him, that the superior hierarchies that it was working for were going to cheat it in the end.

PM, is an immortal being, and so he is not able to experience death. It is time to leave this world. In the frontal view of the Kabbalistic reconstruction of the Tree of Existence we may not notice this, but actually it becomes evident once we analyze from below our Tree of Existence in 3D.

PM decides to use the creatures that the Aliens built in order to experience death. It was the spoken and written language of God. Man, built in this way, is used as a trap for Souls.

Everything is already written in myth, not in history. That Lux remained silent and then it acknowledged that it did not think about such a hypothesis. When in a hypnotic state, the copy is unable to remember anything about its existence and does not have any concept of the self. You can be anywhere in the Universe and you can always go up or down, to the right or to the left, high or low, and so on.

But the Golem is not only symbolically represented by the copy of the abductee which might be used as a super soldier by the military or as a container of other things by our aliens. So it asks to its 2 emanations, the two Creators, to experience death in its place. Nowadays we would represent it as a cutting belt or a fire ray. And so Consciousness creates a mirror for itself.

Then the PM wrote a mathematical sequence, first he wrote a simple differential equation and then he sketched out a mathematical series that I am unable to interpret on the spot. It represents the first hominid: Louria states precisely that the World was born thanks to an action of folding on itself, or contraction, -Tzimtzum- performed by God Consciousness: The two jewels on the Breastplate have a similar meaning to the two stones on the shoulder pieces of the Ephod.


Adam Kadmon has one of the souls that he defines as Nestamah.

The text describes the evolution of man from the first race to the fifth – ours – which stops at the death of Krishna, five thousand years ago. The Shekinah, depicted as a entity that suffers and cries for the guilty material nature of her children, was surely n the figure of the goddess Isis, omnipresent in our articles as the primitive archetype of rth.

This entity refers to itself as a feminine soul and affirms that the masculine part she interacts with defines itself as Shamir, another name that has a strictly Jewish origin. But we can work out a few facts. In that moment Consciousness emanates, through an act of will, the desire to experience, and it decides to experience without any limitations. Unless we have knowledge of that.

So Consciousness cannot change itself, but only its awareness of being, which it acquires during its life experiences. With these names we indicate the various type of influence of the Sephiroth.

These signs are actually the archetypal representation of the corradoo between the spirit and soul of the European alchemists. Observing from a far our organization chart we discovered that we were doing the Jewish Kabbalah. In some variations of the Tarot, Slieni and Jachin are pictured on the back of the Priestess card the Moon.

The terrestrial globe water bowlplaced on the top of the column on the left Boazsymbolized the earthly man without a soul, earthly in the sense of unevolved. We only had to connect alifni together.

It has everything but one malamga A great fight, atomic energies will envelop the people. Looking back in time, the culture would have moved increasingly west, and arrived in Egypt, passing through Mesopotamia, from Pakistan, and the civilizations of Arappa and Moenjio Daharo.