Below is the text in English of the Akritas Plan, written by Polykarpos Yiorgadjis at the end of November , with the constitutional crisis on. And what could anyone say about the Akritas plan? Instead of the leader of the newly created state being a messenger of freedom, generosity, democracy and. The AKRITAS organisation started planning a different future for. Cyprus. Apart from military plans a general plan for the extermination of. Turkish Cypriots was.

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I really believe that you learn from history at least those who want to learnwhich is why I have always had time for documents relating to the events. Indeed, the latter document is of far more historic significance, since it is dated 14 September and clearly signed by the leaders of the Turkish Cypriot Community, Fazil Kutchuk, Vice President of the Republic of Cyprus, and Rauf Denktash, President of the Turkish Communal Chamber, unlike akkritas Akritas plan which is anonymous and undated.

Its content has akriras well — known since; yet for reasons unknown!!!

But someone like Loucas Charalambous, who extols others to read and learn from history, ought to explain why he too chooses to dwell solely on the Akritas plan and bury the Turkish plan. It is all summed up in the following three excerpts: Makarios has not yet made a serious effort to denounce or revise the agreements.

There is adequate time to prepare such a plan and we must make use of this time. The selection of the area depends on the strategic plan to be prepared by the experts. As a part-time, albeit distinguished, member of the local Greek nationalist press at the time, Loucas Charalambous has often heaped praise himself on the hastily assembled defence of the legitimate state against the well-prepared Turkish onslaught, sadly with British encouragement and support.

Loucas Charalambous is keeping new company nowdays and has rejected many of his old beliefs and ideas, which is of course absolutely legitimate and some people might even find it praiseworthy. Why dwell solely on the Akritas plan? Dear Greeks and Turkish Cypriots, please stop accusing each other. As much as I agree with youTurks will always be Turks! My good man, Turkish realities are fine blend of top quality hashish smoked in a false flag nargile.

The Turkish Cypriots lost their right to share in anything in when they joined the Turks in stealing at gunpoint the properties of someGreeks Cypriots.

In fact by the time that the 40 years of compensation is paid by the Turkish Cypriots and their mainland masters there is nothing left. Foreign investment will not do business in a country in which there is no respect for the rule of law, where legal codes conflict with European Union rules.

Time is on the side of the internationally recognised government of Cyprus. All the government has to do is wait for the implosion to occur in Turkey.

The scandalous history of Cyprus

Turkey is surrounded by enemies on all borders and within by there is the Kurdish problem, all 15 million of them. Do not worry about turkey!! Nazaret, things have changed my friend. Many of us on the Island now are hard core Cypriots. We care little for Greece or the church for that matter and akirtas the constant efforts by those that wish to re-enslave the Cypriot mindset as being Greek first and Cypriot second.


We now have our own country, our own culture and a top flight rugby team to be proud of: We should move forward based on this. There will be no Enosis with Greece, akrihas many of us will fight to keep Cyprus independent from any other country including Greece. Enosis back then was a massive betrayal. Greeks had been shipped in and placed in educational establishments in an attempt to indoctrinate the youth and then this youth was subsequently used to betray the akrits.

Shameless and those who allowed this to happen should be exiled. This may not have been so long ago but Cyprus has come a long way since then.

Only some uneducated traitors still think like this. Most of the people I speak to consider themselves Cypriot. Now I know that the posts are screened by software! HA ha ha…All the wiser! His so called facts are fabrications and total lies designed to defame LC and distort the contemporary history of Cyprus. This has been the line followed by successive Greek Cypriot governments over the past 50 years. They have been spreading these lies for so long because they always assumed that no one will dispute or disprove them anyway!

Two things must be challenged: I would recommend to Mr Stylianou to read some of the speeches made by Makarios between and ! Second and most important distortion of history is his claim that EOKA fought for self determination! A great big thank you to Loucas Charalambous once again, who contributed to gaining the hearts of so many TCs, as no other Greek Cypriot has ever done before. If now the Greek side can live with that outcome, then all can be fine.

Should they continue to refuse accepting this sharing of everything in and around Cyprus, then the next disaster is programmed for akritaw. You must be joking, but I am used to this here by now! The thing is, if one lies to oneself long enough, after a while it becomes his truth.

Northern Cyprus has changed so much that even the Presidential spokesman is talking a lot of crap, pretending he knows everything! However, the truth has the nasty habit of coming out when it is most annoying — like the big economic success for example!

Yes We can share Cyprus peaceably Yes to national community autonomy within a united Cyprus. That is exactly it! The Greek Cypriot leadership is not telling the truth! Fact is, pussy footing around for the past 50 years, the realities of Cyprus have changed so much, you cannot imagine!

Estimated population of North Cyprus is around What the hell are we p,an to do about it? Akrihas it true that most of the population growth in northeast Cyprus is settlers from mainland Turkey, many of whom are subjects of ethic cleansing out of areas of Turkey, many are Turkish Army reservists.


The demographic changes have certainly complicated matters but with respect and good will aakritas is a way. My mother was born on the most beautiful Aegean island. My father was born in a mountain village in the heart of Cyprus.

Things have changed my friend. Akfitas will be no Enosis with Greece, and many of us will spill our blood to keep Cyprus akgitas from any other country including Greece. Shameless and those who allowed this to happen should be shot. Only some uneducated asshole traitors still think like this. Perhaps you are right. There might not be too many GCs who favour Akritax. There are two things that bother me and must bother a lot of non-GC Cypriots.

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The indiscriminate use of the flag of Greece on our island and the use of the Greek National Anthem. With these two components,I am afraid there will not be Enosis with our TC compatriots.

I hope you can enlighten me on those two points. You guys are obviously propagandists. We are inheritors of Greek culture and language, we are Greek. Enosis or not is beside the point. Greek consciousness is growing not recedingolan over it. The use of the Greek flag should be reigned in. I personally find it ridiculous.

People appear to not understand what it means to have a country, a flag an identity. The display of the Greek flag certainly provides anybody a valid excuse that Cypriots are not comfortable with an independent Cyprus or their identity. It all sounds good what you say, but the conditions created and prevalent plus the political elite still around, make that totally impossible. A complete reshuffle of the cards and a new mindset is what we need. Do we have a chance? For me reading the first paragraph of your letter says it pllan.

In particular the word Enosis which at the time seemed like an achievable goal for the GCs. It had been overwhelmingly voted for at a referendum solely plwn the Greek Cypriots in the late s. The referendum was organised by the Church of Cyprus.

Akritas plan – Wikipedia

It akritad unilaterally decided by a small section of the GCs. For almost five years we suffered curfews and intolerable market conditions when it was a struggle to make ends meet. We feared for our safety. A lot of GCs and other Cypriots like my family had to leave our birthplace and emigrate. We were not even consulted or asked for our opinion.

Hellenic Antidote: The Akritas Plan

Poan thinking was that as the Akrias were the majority they had every right to annex Cyprus to Greece. The struggle for Enosis failed disastrously and GCs had to eat humble pie and settle for independence.

This meant sharing power with the TCs and there my friend lies the problem. Nothing has changed now. GCs still regard themselves as keepers of the future of Cyprus,they want nothing less than majority rule. I presume Enosis is no no even for you.

I am glad you have raised all those objections, even if it was in such a rude and aggressive fashion, because it gives me the opportunity to respond for those who do not have the akritad to work things out for themselves, such as yourself. The wealth generated by the North Sea was sufficient to erase poverty in the UK for ever, but as usual most of the wealth went in the pockets of the owners of the country who do not give a toss about the plebs. Today four major banks are insolvent and are kept alive by the taxes of the plebs and the whole country is in a very big hole out of which they try to climb by printing more paper money, fooling akritaas plebs that a recovery is on the horizon.

There is a generation of Cypriots who have akrktas through foreign occupation, war,robbery and theft by corrupt individuals who had politicians in their pockets.

These people deserve part of the wealth which has appeared unexpectedly, before they die.