36, X. 37, X. 38, March , CFG, Blanket statements of conformance are unacceptable for any test results. 39, SIGNATURE, TITLE, DATE. PSW. AIAG Production Part Approval process PPAP 4th Edition Approval of Requirements Team of PPAP Submitted PSW Customer Process Design Requirements I. Hello, in the pdf I can see a new revision from PSW. Have a look at the previous post “AIAG PPAP (Production Part Approval Process).

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Plan agreed to by: Fax number of the person signing the declaration.

A Osw Submission Warrant shall be prepared and submitted for approval when required by the customer. When part size, sheer volume of parts, etc. Check applicable boxes for a product change. By the time the product is made again, personnel andlor equipment may have changed. Identify any qualifying information or references to attached documents that provide specific information regarding the element.

What is being done to ensure defective product is contained, date when the action was implemented and Exit Criteria necessary to end need for continuing the action or its individual elements. One warrant per customer part number can be used to summarize many changes providing that the changes are adequately documented, and aiiag submission is in compliance with customer program timing requirements. Show the corporate name and division or operations group.

Further, measurements of component variables are generally less precise tha measurements of component parts, such that in many cases correlated variables must be used. Examples include the diameter of a bearing journal in millimeters, the closing effort of a door in Newtons, the concentration of electrolyte in percent, or the torque of a fastener in Newton-meters.


Part Submission Warrant (PSW)

Date the PPCN is signed. Reasonable to expect that the minor nature of this failure would not cause any real effect on the product or its processing by the customer. MISSION is based on specified quantities of production parts or production materials taken from the significant production sun made with production tooling, processes, and cycle times. Material and function tests iii. Customer-assigned code for organization location where the part was manufactured or assembled.

Part Submission Warrant (PSW) | PPAP Documents

High degree of customer dissatisfaction due to the nature of the failure. For tires, tooling is defined as the tire mold.

Submission Level that Organization is required to subinit to as defined by the Customer. The process is in statistical control. New source of raw material from new or existing supplier. For those organizations that have been classified as “self certifying” by a specific customer, subniission of a warrant signed only by the organization shall be evidence of PPAP approval, unless the organization is advised otherwise.

Contact your customer to determine if this form is available in an electronic format or if this form should be faxed. The organization shall notify the authorized customer representative of any planned changes to the design, process, or site.

Production part approval process

May aiat serious disruption to subsequent processing of the product or result in the product failing to meet its sales specifications.

Environment will vary for each site, but generally includes: Prototype when required – A listing of tests, evaluations and their associated specificationsltolerances used to assess an experimental or developmental formulation.

For guidance on items listed below, contact the authorized customer representative. For each item listed in the checklist either enter a target date for completion of the element or enter “NR” for Not Required. This significant production run shall 6e conducted at the production site, at the production rate see Glossary using the production tooling, production gaging, production process, production materials, and production operators.


The number the organization uses on their system to identify the part. Indicate reason for Interim Request. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. Failure causing only a slight customer annoyance. Upon notification and approval of the proposed change by the authorized customer representative, and after change implementation, submission ps required unless otlienvise specified.

Absolute Certainty of Non-Detection: PPAP shall apply to internal and external alag sites see Glossary supplying production parts, service parts, production aaiag, or bulk materials.

Production part approval process – Wikipedia

ENT is the manufacturing location within the production site which includes the production tooling, gaging, process, materials, operators, environment, aizg process settings, e. The authorized customer representative may identify a submission level, different from the default level, that is to be used with each organization, or organization and customer part number combiliation.

If production parts will be produced from more than one cavity, mold, tool, die, pattern, or production process, e. Aoag Sample see 2. However, Pplccannot isolate within subgroup variation froin between subgroup variation.