Patricia Carroll OCSO draws our attention to Aelred of Rievaulx, a Cistercian saint and spiritual writer who specialised in writing about friendship as an image of. Spiritual Friendship has ratings and 39 reviews. Sally said: This short book was written in the form of a dialog between the author, Aelred ( He saw that his reluctance to part from his friends at court, delayed his adopting his monastic calling. For Aelred, the source.

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Marvelous medieval dialogue on Friendship. We are called by Christ to lay down our life for our friends.

These are loyalty, discretion, right-intention and patience. In a time of change, when self-awareness was an asset, Aelred was by family and birth intimately connected with the still vital traditions of the past, while in frieendship and religion he was identified with all that was new.

In the sixteenth century, before the dissolution of the monastery, John Lelandclaims he saw Aelred’s shrine at Rievaulx containing Aelred’s body glittering with gold and silver. Views Read Edit View history. Rievaulx AbbeyYorkshireEngland friehdship.

Aelred of Rievaulx – Wikipedia

This book is incredibly short but very dense. Nothing seemed sweeter to me, nothing more pleasant, nothing more valuable than to be loved and to love. The many distinctions drawn between different terms are an especially useful reflection tool for examining our own relationships. Ivo asks Aelred if we could say of friendship what John, the intimate friend of Jesus, says of charity, that God is friendship? Archived from the original on 9 December And so spiritual friendship is born among good people friendshup the similarity of their rievzulx, goals, and habits of life.

With that proviso, what stands out: Aelred in the Philippines. The resulting negotiations dragged on for many years. In this light, as an Abbot to his sons, Aelred is wanting to instill in their understanding what he himself had come to understand for himself about the operation of natural affection when fused with the impulse of frieendship love.


Aelred of Rievaulx

Steeped in Celtic traditions He was brought up in Northumbria, which was steeped in the traditions of Celtic monasticism, and stories of holy men and women who kept alive the flame of faith brought by Aidan, the Irishman from Iona, in the seventh century. I bought it after a trip to Fountains Abbey and spent the next couple of months sneaking out of the Soho ad agency where I worked to read it in a nearby catholic church.

Aelred was early influenced by Cicero ‘s Laelius de Amicitiabut modified his interpretation upon reading Augustine of Hippo ‘s Confessions. In our day, or at least in my life, true friendship seems to be rare and undervalued. Doctrine of Spiritual Friendship: Paul’s College, the University of Manitoba. In this sense, it is gift. Or what forest bears but a single tree of a single kind? His role as abbot required him to travel. For his efforts in writing and administration Aelred was called by David Knowles the “St.

As Roby points out, Aelred perhaps differently than Cicero intended uses the term “good will” for “a rational and voluntary choice to benefit someone”, and he uses the term “charity” to mean “the enjoyment of our natural affection toward someone. After his retirement inhe devoted himself to Cistercian scholarship, publishing numerous articles and translating in four volumes all the works of the English Cistercian abbot Gilbert of Hoyland. He saw that his reluctance to part from his friends at court, delayed his adopting his monastic calling.

Spiritual Friendship – Aelred of Rievaulx – Google Books

Ealred instance, Walter Daniel records a visitation that Aelred made to Dundrennan. Aelred of Rievaulx Latin: She is associate editor of Cistercian Studies Quarterly.

Books by Aelred of Rievaulx. Aelred wrote several influential books on spiritualityamong them Speculum caritatis “The Mirror of Charity,” reportedly written at the request of Bernard of Clairvaux and De spiritali amicitia “On Spiritual Friendship”.

In it, Aelred re-establishes a role to pagan literature Cicero in light of revealed imperatives to Christian charity in scripture. Ciceronian friendship is thus construed upon the doublet praecepta and leges. Roman Catholic Church; Anglican Communion.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Aelred came from a family of married priests, his father and grandfather both ministered in Hexham, the last of a dying generation as Rome sought to impose its standard on the far western Celtic Christian tradition.

If a person had to ask me what is the best book on friendship, I would not hesitate to point to this work. Braceland, was professor of classics and dean at Ignatius College, Guelph Canadauntil in becoming professor of classics and dean of arts and sciences at St. Bending over his Abbot and friend of seventeen years, Daniel orientates Aelred to the crucifix: Retrieved 20 March Aelred was a twelfth century English Cistercian monk, who became abbot of the monastery of Rievaulx in the diocese of York inand remained spiritual father of that community until his death in An Much wisdom and insight here on the subject of friendship.

May 11, Andrew rated it liked it Recommends it for: Throughout the dialogue, in fact, Aelred and his several companions express their wish to be alone with each other, to exclude others, meaning other monks, from their conversation and frienship from Aelred’s lessons.

Spititual we have the bricks-and-mortar setting spirifual the encounter firendship human affection and friendship, upon which I can assume much of De Spirituali amicitia is both considered and constructed. The result of the journey was that Aelred brought back a letter from Pope Innocent summoning the superiors whom Aelred represented spiditual appear in Rome the following March to make their deposition in the required canonical form.

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