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Please use the Hazardous Materials Table published in the E-CFR (http://www. , 49 CFR Section ) for the currently updated. Symbols in the Hazardous Materials Table. .. Packing groups are designated in Column 5 of the section Table and indicate the degree of. 1, 49 CFR Hazardous Materials Table. 2, Symbols, Hazardous materials description and proper shipping names, Hazard class or Division, ID Numbers.

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Aircraft evacuation slides, see Life saving appliances etc. Batteries, wet, filled with alkali, electric storage.

Ammunition, SA small armssee Cartridges for weapons, etc. Cases, cartridge, empty with primer. Arsenious acid, solid, see Arsenic trioxide.

Acetyl acetone tabel with more than 9 percent by mass active oxygen. Carbon dioxide, refrigerated liquid. Articles, pyrotechnic for technical purposes. Cases, combustible, empty, without primer. Ammunition, incendiary, white phosphorus, with burster, expelling charge or propelling charge.

Battery, wet, filled with acid or alkali with vehicle 1172.101 mechanical equipment containing an internal combustion engine, see Vehicle, etc. Cornell Law School Search Cornell. Automobile, motorcycle, tractor, other self-propelled vehicle, engine, or other mechanical apparatus, see Vehicles or Battery etc.


No label is required for a material classed as a combustible liquid or for a Class 3 material that is reclassed as a combustible liquid. Butane see also Petroleum gases, liquefied.

Batteries, wet, filled with acid, electric storage. Cement, see Adhesives containing flammable liquid. Caps, blasting, see Detonators, etc. Articles, pressurized pneumatic or hable containing non-flammable gas.

49 CFR 172.101 – Purpose and use of hazardous materials table.

Proper shipping names are limited to those shown in Roman type not italics. Calcium bisulfite solution, see Bisulfites, aqueous solutions, n.

Cartridges, starter, jet engine, see Cartridges, power device. Adsorbed gas, toxic, oxidizing, corrosive, n. Batteries, dry, containing potassium hydroxide solid, electric storage. Calcium, pyrophoric or Calcium alloys, pyrophoric. Arsenical pesticides, liquid, toxic, flammable, flash point not less than 23 degrees C. Butyl vinyl ether, tzble.

Regulations Section | PHMSA

Cartridge cases, empty primed, see Cases, cartridge, empty, with primer. When the packaging specified in Column 8 is inappropriate for the physical state of the material, the table provided in paragraph i 4 of this section should be used to determine the appropriate packaging section. The codes contained in Column 6 are defined according to the following table:. Butylene see also Petroleum gases, liquefied.


Inhalation hazard zone A. Bipyridilium pesticides, solid, toxic. Ammunition, illuminating with or without burster, expelling charge or propelling charge. Ammunition, rocket, see Warheads, rocket etc.

If an appropriate technical name is not shown in the Table, selection of a proper shipping name shall be made from the generic or n. Carbon bisulfide, see Carbon disulfide. Under the provisions 1722.101 subparts C and D of this part, the technical names of at least two components most predominately contributing tabls the hazards of the mixture or solution may be required in association with the proper shipping name.

Inhalation hazard zone B. Column 2 lists the hazardous materials descriptions and proper shipping names of materials designated as hazardous materials. Ammunition, smoke, white phosphorus with burster, expelling charge, or propelling charge.

The name that most appropriately describes the material shall be used; e. Benzenethiol, see Phenyl mercaptan.

Acetyl benzoyl peroxide, solid, or with more than 40 percent in solution. Aminopropyldiethanolamine, see Amines, etc.