rundfunkstaatsvertrag pdf. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for rundfunkstaatsvertrag pdf. Will be grateful for any. European Audiovisual Observatory, Strasbourg .. Around 80 million people in the European Union (about 15% of the total population) are In Germany, neither the Rundfunkstaatsvertrag (Interstate Broadcasting Agreement) nor the. under Article 11f of the Rundfunkstaatsvertrag (Inter-State Agreement on Broadcasting . 15 March , and in December it proceeded to hear sixty bodies.

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The same shall apply if the rating is only slightly less than that proportion where the company holds a dominant position in a related, media-relevant market or an overall assessment of its activities in television and in related, media-relevant markets concludes that the influence obtained as a result of those activities is equivalent to that of a company with a viewer rating of 30 per cent. It shall discuss the applications with the broadcaster of the main programme in order to reach agreement on the choice of applicant.

The licence for the broadcaster of the window programme shall be issued for a period of three years or until the date on which the licence of the broadcaster of the main programme expires. Paragraph 2 shall remain unaffected. Films which, under the Protection of Young Persons in Public Act, are not to be made accessible to children and adolescents under the age of 16 may only be broadcast between They shall respect the dignity of man as well as the moral, religious and political convictions of others.

Detailed information and a legally binding licence agreement are available here. The obligation not to divulge information pursuant to Article 24 shall also apply in the relationship between the members of the KEK and of the KDLM with other bodies of the state supervisory authorities for private broadcasters.

The contents of this page may be downloaded and printed out in single copies for individual use only. Should you have any questions, please contact: Article 51 Allocation of satellite channels 1 The states shall decide on the allocation of satellite channels for broadcasting purposes pursuant to the provisions of paragraphs 2 to 5. Paragraph 3, second and third sentences, shall apply mutatis mutandis.

No compensation shall be granted for any pecuniary loss caused by the partial revocation of the licence of the broadcaster of the main programme. The details shall be the subject of an administrative agreement between the state supervisory authorities.

Article 8 Sponsorship 1 Sponsorship is the contribution by a natural or legal person or an association of persons not engaged in broadcasting activities or in the production of audiovisual works to the direct or indirect financing of a broadcast for the purpose of promoting the name, trademark, image, activities or services of the person concerned.

» Interstate Broadcasting Agreement (Rundfunkstaatsvertrag) German Law Archive

Agreement on Funding … Article 6: Where personal data are processed the data protection provisions of state law shall apply.

In choosing the time to broadcast films which, under the Protection of Young Persons in Public Act are not to be made accessible to children and adolescents under the age of twelve, consideration shall be given to the well-being of younger children.


The retransmission of television programmes may be restricted in conformity with European broadcasting regulations. KEK decisions shall be binding on the other organs of the state supervisory authority for private broadcasters.

Expenditure for the KEK and the KDLM shall be met from the funds allocated to the state supervisory authorities for private broadcasters pursuant to Article 10 of the Agreement on Funding. Other provisions under state law relating to administrative offences shall remain unaffected.

15. rundfunkstaatsvertrag 2013 pdf

General Provisions Article 1 Field of application Article 2 Terms employed Article 3 Prohibited broadcasts, protection of young persons Article 22013 Commissioners for the protection of young persons Article 5 Short coverage Article 6 15.runndfunkstaatsvertrag, own, commissioned and joint productions Article 7 Advertising content, identification Article 8 Sponsorship Article 9 Duty to provide information, competent authorities Article 10 Opinion surveys Section II: Advertising 15.rundfunksraatsvertrag which has not been completely used up may be made up for up to a maximum of five minutes on working days.

Private broadcasters will be enabled to extend and develop a private system, especially where technical and programming matters are concerned. This does not apply to the communication of accounting data to a broadcaster for debt collection purposes in the event of non-payment after a reminder.

The KEK shall select the programmes to be revoked after considering the special circumstances of each case. The reasons for any such decision to broadcast shall be put down in writing before the transmission and, upon request, communicated to the 15.rundfunkstaatsvertray authority responsible under state law for private broadcasters in the case of the state public service broadcasting corporations forming the ARD Association of German Public Service Broadcasting 15.rundfunkstastsvertrag and in the case of 15.runvfunkstaatsvertrag ZDF German Television Channel II to the responsible body.

Broadcasters are obliged to make their data concerning viewer ratings available to the KEK upon request. Article 10 Opinion surveys Reports on any opinion surveys conducted by broadcasters must expressly indicate whether they are representative. Organisation of media supervision, financing of special tasks Article 35 15.rundfunksaatsvertrag activities to ensure plurality of opinion 1 The state supervisory authority for private broadcasters shall examine before and after the licence is issued whether the provisions for ensuring plurality of opinion under this Agreement applying to private broadcasters have been complied with.

Those required to report this information are the broadcaster and those with a direct or indirect holding within the meaning of Article A reference or presentation shall be regarded as serving advertising purposes especially where it is made for remuneration or other consideration.

Article 48 Appeal to the Federal Administrative Court In judicial proceedings an appeal may be made to the Federal Administrative Court inter alia on the ground that the judgement being contested was based on a violation of the provisions of this Agreement.

It shall remain possible to offer specialised programmes. Article 12 Funding 1 Public service broadcasting shall finance itself through television and radio licence fees, income from television and radio advertising and other income; the main source of income shall be the television and radio licence fee.

Provisions on Private Broadcasting Subsection 1: The Free State of Bavaria is entitled to make provision for a proportion of the licence fee pursuant to Article 40 to be used for the financing of tasks of the Bavarian State Agency for New Media under state law within the framework of public service broadcasting. Decisions shall be based on the average viewer rating of the programmes affected in the twelve months prior to the commencement of the procedure.


Interstate Broadcasting Agreement (Rundfunkstaatsvertrag)

If the KDLM does 15.rundfunkstaatsvertdag make a different decision with a majority of three-quarters of its statutory members within a period of three months after the referral the decision of the KEK shall remain binding, otherwise the decision of the KDLM shall supersede the decision of the KEK.

If there is danger in delay the persons referred to in paragraph 4 may carry out the necessary searches during business hours without a judicial warrant. In exercising that right those television broadcasters who can guarantee comprehensive coverage for the state in which the function or event is being held shall be considered first.

The accuracy and source of 15.rundcunkstaatsvertrag must be checked with the care demanded by the circumstances prior to its transmission.

rundfunkstaatsvertrag pdf – PDF Files

They shall for this purpose consult the supervision authorities for private broadcasters and exchange information with them on their respective experience in the aplication of the guidelines.

If as a result of an agreement or otherwise several companies cooperate in such a way that they are together able to exert a controlling influence on a holding company each of them shall be regarded as a controlling company. Advertisements in the form of direct offers to the public for the sale, purchase or rental of products or for the provision of services teleshopping are excluded from public broadcasting. Its use may be determined by state law.

Article 34 Transitional provision Until the viewer ratings have been initially determined pursuant to Article 27 the existing data on viewer ratings shall be used as a basis for assessing whether plurality of opinion is assured in connection with the nationwide broadcasting of television programmes. The KEK shall establish the viewer ratings attributable to each of the companies. To this end they will be afforded sufficient transmission capacities and access to adequate sources of income.

The commissioners for the protection of young persons shall exchange information on a regular basis.

If the state supervisory authority for private broadcasters, in agreement with all supervisory authorities, finds this to be the case the provider must, within six months of being notified, apply for a licence or provide the service in such a way that it does not fall into the category of broadcasting.

The results must be obtained by means of representative surveys among viewers from the age of three using generally accepted scientific methods. Unless otherwise stated, the German Aerospace Center DLR reserves the rights to all images and videos used on this website.